Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Racket Activities Rule at Cortland

This semester I have been given the opportunity to assist a teacher in Racket Activities as a teacher assistant. This came from hard work in the class when I was just a regular student. It is a great feeling when a teacher asks you to be a T.A. because it shows they have noticed your hard work and dedication to the subject matter. In every class, we should push ourselves as well as the teachers. This honor has allowed me teaching knowledge as well as getting to know how teachers are on a more personal level. Take these chances and challenges whenever they arise, get your name out there and be part of a team. If any other teachers need a professional T.A. out there, I'm available. Thanks Shirley Cahill for this opportunity to work along side you and learn from your experience.

These are some pictures of me showing students cues and form for tennis swings.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Intramural Basketball

Man vs. Ball(Baby Blue Shirts), the team that I played for in the Spring of 2010 at SUNY Cortland. We made it to the playoffs but lost in the second round. Here are some pictures of me in action,(#24) watch out for the's WET!!!! If anyone wants to play next year, I'm going to be looking for some other players to make it all the way this time.