Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Part 1 C

I feel this daily burn could benefit me, as well as other students or adults who just need a little reinforcement on their dieting. For me personally, I'm not much of a workout at the gym guy, but I love playing sports and being active. The daily burn gives me recommended calorie intake and what I could burn if I am active. So these tips may be enough for some overweight people to get on the right track. Once I get past this area there is no hope for me. I am so lost with this site, and if you want to continue with certain things you must pay.

I also do not like how all the foods are fast foods. I cook most of my meals and I do not feel like looking up everything that I ate or every little detail that I put into my food. Students could keep a daily log of what they eat or what exercises they accomplish outside of school. Have students set goals in the beginning of the year and see what they can accomplish. I feel that social levels will have a major influence on these results. When people have less money, it's much harder to be healthy because healthier foods are much more expensive. To make things easier, you could allow students who are already healthy and have their own workout plans to assist the others in class and make that be their job. Someone who is already a health nut will be encouraged to make a difference on somebodies health.

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