Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Point Stance Instructions

Here are a few pointers I have come up with for a three oint stance in basketball. An advanced move for basketball players that is affective during game play. This technique allows for a less anticipated maneuver and can keep a defender guessing. Give it a try and always remember, practice makes perfect.

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  1. I feel that I was clear and to the point as to what this technique is good for and it's purpose. I also feel that I was loud enough and spoke with a clear voice. Really demonstrating the position may have also helped the students relate and understand.

    I think I need to improve on timing, and getting into the actual drill or activity more quickly. Content could have been improved by having another student to demonstrate how this move is used effectively.

    I think by being quicker and showing what the purpose of the drill is, students will have a better understanding for the drill, as well as not being bored with talking. Getting a student involved and having them come up and demonstrate can really mean a lot to them. This especially holds true for students who are not that interested in the sport or activity.