Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Side Swing Cross

Here is my most recent teaching lesson of the "Side Swing Cross" jump rope technique. The task was a little tricky, but the class seemed to get the gist of things. Some were much more proficient than others, so I tried to assist on the side where I saw necessary. I tried having the class look at each other while performing this task so they could see other students jumping. In a way it was good and it could also have negative affects. The main idea was, if they were struggling with the task to look at a student who was performing at a good level, and then try to self correct their own mistakes. It could have a negative affect if everyone is doing the wrong technique and they are picking up bad habbits. To get a full understanding of what I said, here is my transcription. I was also able to give some helpful tips to students as well as pin point some excellent efforts. Take a look at my feedback analysis form for a better understanding.

I have also provided a little sample of what it looks like in fast motion. These slow motion tips can really elevate your level of jumping rope. Enjoy jumping for a healthy heart!!!

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