Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Should have been a Cowboy

Don't mind the southern accent, it just came out!!!

I felt so comfortable teaching this lesson, the cues and tasks came very natural to me. I felt very relaxed and the class seemed to be enjoying themselves. It really does help when the class is involved and showing enthusiasm. I had a minor slip when I couldn't remember a task, but I felt that I paused not too long and was able to go right into another one that I remembered. Being prepared with more material helped me in this situation, especially because my tasks were not too difficult. I felt I could have moved through tasks much quicker, but when the class was having fun, I was able to stay on a task until I saw them getting bored. The story line was a good way to relate real life situations to a simple task such as jumping rope or swinging rope. Everyone has been teaching great, which has allowed me to pick up teaching techniques and has made my lesson planning easier. Thanks for everyone's support and keep up the great work. As a class we can rock P.E. I will say this, I'm really happy to be done with this jump rope unit, and by the time everyone else teaches, I'm sure you will feel the same!

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